Product launch of the new Daikin Emura by design that speaks literally for itself

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Spring 2022

Daikin Emura III, a personified product that speaks for itself

Daikin is specialised in climate solutions and known as a solid quality brand, providing air  conditioning systems and heat pumps. With the development of the Emura, Daikin created a design device tailored to the European market.

For the first time every component of the new climate control system needed to meet with Daikin’s design philosophy. This resulted in a 3rd generation Emura that has a remarkable design with soft shadow lines, additional smart features and improved user experience.

With the new Daikin Emura, probably the most elegant among all wall mounted air conditioners, Daikin Europe wanted to confirm its place at the top of the design segment.

Spring 2022

Giving Daikin Emura III a voice

Liquid was asked to develop striking communication to accompany the product launch of the Daikin Emura III and came up with a creative campaign that speaks for itself … even literally.

On the to-do list: a consistent concept idea, an inspiring storyline and a sales box full of communication tools that can be used in every European country to launch the Daikin Emura III. On top of that Liquid had to come up with a digital launch event, targeting all professionals involved.

If we’re talking about design, automatically Milton Glaser comes to mind: “There are three responses to a piece of design; yes, no and wow. Wow is the one to aim for.” This quote not only stands for the product itself but also for the branding of it.

Looking for that wow, Liquid gave the product a voice. By personifying the Daikin Emura III Liquid literally let it speak for itself … By starting a conversation, Liquid grabbed the attention, inspired emotion and initiated interaction.

Hi, I'm Daikin Emura

Daikin Emura speaks to you … literally and also in a figurative way. Meaning that this product has importance for people.

Personifying the product is also an ideal way of adding emotion to a story. And as we all know, emotion sticks … offline and online.

The idea of ‘design that speaks for itself’ was implemented in every aspect of the campaign. Think teaser visuals, mood video, campaign images, product video, social media approach, POS tools, website … 

And why not add some extra ‘wows’ to support the creative idea? Liquid gave a mysterious atmosphere to the mood video, created a folder with a format of the actual size of the air conditioner and let the Daikin Emura III host itself at the online launch event.

Spring 2022

A holistic, unique and creative approach

The launch of this product resulted in a high-profile campaign.

The comments on the product and campaign were raving, everyone at Daikin Europe applauded the result and holistic and creative approach.

On top of that the Daikin Emura III received a Red Dot Award and a IF Design Award. No big surprise, as its design speaks for itself …

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